Law Relating to Family law in India

Law Relating to Family law in India is the law that deals with the legal issues that arise in families or other personal relationships such as Marriage, Adoption, Divorce, Child Custody, Maintenance, Guardianship, Partition, Parental Responsibility… etc.

Family law is primarily concerned with the rules of the formation of the family and of the rights and obligations arising out of the relationship in the family. The law of marriage, sonship, and adoption related to the formation of the family. The law of partition and inheritance govern rights arising out of the relationship in the family.

The Indian Family law is concerned with the personal laws of different religion. The family matters such as marriage, adoption, guardianship, divorce, maintenance, partition, succession, inheritance etc are governed by personal laws of each religion.

In India different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Parsi etc are governed by their own personal law as Hindu law (Hindu law acts 1955-56), Muslim law (Muslim personal laws (Shariat) application act 1937), Christian law, Parsi law (Parsi marriage and divorce act 1936), respectively.

In all cases, Drafting plays a very crucial role in the adjudication of matters. We use all of our expertise in the drafting of the Petition and lay a strong foundation for the entire case.

Cases involving family law involve complex issues as hardcore emotions are involved. Divorce is not a dispute for profit but personal battles fought in the Court. Effective drafting involves a lot of care and conscious efforts need to be put in balancing the legal and personal interest of clients.

Our experience leads to one conclusion that each case is different and so are the issues involved in the family law case. While drafting Petitions, it is all very important to have all issues arising out of real facts so that it should give one never-ending and clinching feeling that the pleading is based on true facts and is not a petition template or one general standard form of Petition.

We are conscious of the laws regarding divorce and constant and perennial development related to divorce laws in India and thus drafting conforms to the legal requirements of the cas

You can rely on our experience in getting divorce Petition drafted which echoes your true emotions.